Raffle House Review

The best UK-based win a house raffle competition site for those who want no mortgage, no stamp duty and no strings attached – Raffle House is the ultimate chance to win your dream home (while donating to charity).

Have you ever daydreamed about winning your dream home in a raffle? We’ve all had those moments where we let our imagination run wild, envisioning the perfect house where every corner exudes warmth, comfort and style. Well, guess what? Your chance to turn that dream into reality might just be a few clicks away – at Raffle House, the leading win a house online raffle site!

Win a house raffle UK competition
New house competition at Raffle House £2M dream home
Win YOUR Dream Home worth £2 Million!
+ £250,000 up for grabs

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What we like

  • Free postal entry available for all competitions
  • Charity donations
  • Early bird prizes of £250,000 at no extra cost
  • Tax-free cash alternative prizes
  • More tickets mean lower ticket prices
  • Subscription benefits including triple the usual tickets to all draws

What we don’t like

  • Infrequent raffles
Your dream home could soon become a reality with a subscription from just £10 a month for 45 tickets – every month!

Review Scores

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ThePools Stats

  • https://rafflehouse.com
  • Launched: 2017
  • Owner: Raffle House Ltd
  • Type: Win a house raffle competition site
  • Prizes: homes, £250,000 early bird prize, cash prizes
  • Cash alternative: £2.3M
  • Special offer: Subscription benefits
  • Other games: No
  • Features: Charity donations, ticket packages, winners information
  • ticket prices: £0.15 – £0.67
  • Odds: Unavailable
  • Next house raffle draw: 20 August 2023
  • Quick picks: No

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Enter paid competitions to win a dream home and bonus prizes while donating to worthwhile causes – dream big and do good.

What is Raffle House?

Raffle House UK Ltd is a company that operates property raffles in the United Kingdom together with £250,000 early bird draws, raffle subscription benefits and 10% charity donations on all purchases. Founded by entrepreneur Benno Spencer in 2017, the win a house competition site gives players a chance to win their own luxury home, stamp duty paid – for the price of a raffle ticket (in cases as low as 15p).

Raffle House aims to make home ownership more accessible and affordable for lucky winners by providing an alternative and exciting way to obtain a property. Operating on a distinctive concept, the site showcases stunning homes built on luxurious developments, often in perfect locations and surrounded by natural beauty. But what’s more, if winning your dream home doesn’t sound like a plan just now, there’s a cash alternative prize also up for grabs.

In summary, Raffle House introduces an exciting and affordable proposition for individuals aspiring to own their dream home. Through a secure and transparent platform, participants can win magnificent properties while supporting charitable causes. With a positive user experience, the site is user-friendly, it’s quick and easy to buy raffle tickets, and also responsive on your mobile. Fast-loading with clear and concise content, Raffle House UK is secure and appealing – in short, it’s one of the best sites to win a house through buying raffle tickets online.

8th Raffle House dream home

Your new address could be Bonam Grange, Bulphan, Upminster RM14 3TL, UK – that’s if you choose to win the 8th dream home currently on offer at Raffle House; if the location is a problem, then £2.3M might just do instead.

Located on the outskirts of London in the beautiful village of Bulphan, Bonham Grange is a luxurious private gated development consisting of 19 stunning executive showcase homes. The 6-bed property up for raffle is perfectly positioned to enjoy the tranquillity of this setting surrounded by charming countryside.

You won’t pay a penny more than your ticket to win. There’s no Stamp Duty to pay and you’d own the freehold outright. Raffle House Ltd also cover any conveyancing fees as well.

Or you can choose to take the £2.3 million tax-free cash alternative. It’s time to dream big and do good, the Raffle House 8th Dream Home competition has arrived.

How to play?

  1. Visit the Raffle House website: go to the official site at www.rafflehouse.com.
  2. Explore available raffles – you will find latest dream home property plus any early bird bonus draws being raffled off in the current period – look for the “enter now” buttons.
  3. Purchase tickets in a single batch or choose the subscription service depending on your preferences.
  4. Enter your email address to receive your tickets – additionally you will see these in your online account.
  5. Select your chosen charity to receive a donation.
  6. Complete the payment process, follow the prompts to enter your payment information.
  7. Wait for the draw and keep your fingers crossed for life changing notifications.

Is Raffle House legit?

Yes, Raffle House stands as a legitimate and trustworthy platform that offers participants a genuine chance to win their dream homes through transparent and fair raffles. It’s compliance with legal requirements, independent auditing, charity donations, comprehensive information provision, and commitment to data security ensure its reputation in the industry.

As a verified company on Trustpilot with a 4,000+ review average of excellent, Raffle House is endorsed by some of the biggest media companies in the UK including the Daily Mail, the Sun, Which?, BBC and the London Evening Standard. If you’re looking for a genuine and legit way to win a house, this is it.

What is the entry fee for the latest Raffle House prize draw?

Ticket prices vary depending on how many tickets you buy; the more tickets purchased, the cheaper the tickets – there’s also benefits for subscribers:

  • Postal entry – free
  • 15 tickets – £10 (67p per ticket)
  • 50 tickets – £25 (50p per ticket)
  • 500 tickets – £100 (20p per ticket)
  • 2000 tickets – £300 (15p per ticket)
  • Subscribe £10/month – 45 tickets/month
  • Subscribe £25/month – 150 tickets/month

What’s the benefits of subscribing to Raffle House?

You can dream big and do good every single month thanks to the Raffle House UK subscription service. Some of the benefits include never missing a draw, triple the usual tickets to all draws, monthly charity donations, a cancel-anytime policy, discounts and deals.

It’s also worth joining the Dreamer’s Club; just enter your email address at the website (bottom of the home page), sign up, and you’ll be the first to hear about new competitions and exclusive offers.

What’s the odds of winning Raffle House?

The odds of winning a dream home through Raffle House can vary depending on several factors, including the number of tickets sold, the total number of tickets available, and the specific property raffle (or early bird £250,000 draw) you are participating in. Raffle House typically sets a threshold of minimum tickets that must be met before a raffle is drawn. Once that threshold is reached, a winner is randomly selected using a secure independent process.

Since the number of tickets available is limited, the odds of winning can be more favourable compared to lottery games like the minted 4 life lotto. However, it is more important to note that the number of participants and tickets sold can still influence the odds. It’s recommended to review the terms and conditions of each raffle on the Raffle House website or contact customer support for more detailed information on the odds of winning for a particular raffle – as this will change with each dream home.

Rafflehouse.com screenshots

  • How to subscribe at Raffle House
  • How Raffle House draw works

Raffle House winners

Has anyone ever won a house in a raffle? Yes, Raffle House has had numerous winners who have successfully won dream properties through their win a house raffles. These winners often share their stories in magazines and national media, reflecting on their financial gain and newfound home ownership. Now on its 8th dream home, Raffle House winners include people who have won homes, taken the tax-free cash alternative or won significant early bird cash prizes worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you want more information on winners, you can visit Rafflehouse.com to see published data on everyone who has won prizes, from homes to headphones.

Next Raffle House draw date

The next raffle draw date for the Raffle House dream home is 23 August 2023.


Overall, Raffle House provides an exciting and enjoyable opportunity for individuals to potentially win valuable properties or cash prizes while contributing to charitable causes. With it’s user-friendly website, improved odds over lottery sites and transparent process, Raffle House is a reliable and trustworthy option for those looking to try their luck on dream home raffles. Add in subscription benefits and £250,000 early bird draws; there really is no other place to buy your tickets!

Win your dream home at Raffle House UK
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