In igaming, you play games for real money with the chance to win real money. Unlike casinos, slots and sports betting, online lotteries can be cost effective. You can bet in syndicates to increase your chances, and you can win jackpots that will change your life. Here you’ll find the top lotteries around the world and recommended lotto sites to play them.


The EuroMillions is Europe’s biggest lottery and the type of jackpot that changes your life immediately; we’re talking royalty rich. Taking place on Tuesday and Friday, The EuroMillions Lottery can amass jackpots worth hundreds of millions of pounds. It’s popular for lotto syndicate players for its generous prize structure and also includes the millionaire maker.

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Oz Lotto

You can play Australian lotteries from the UK now thanks to lotto betting websites, and by far the most popular is the Oz Lotto. It’s Australia’s oldest lottery game dating back to 1994 and has created countless millionaires down under while supporting good causes. You can play a 7 number standard game, use systematic betting or join a syndicate.

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UK Lotto

Who doesn’t like UK Lotto, it’s the nation’s favourite lottery, and with millionaire raffle there’s no denying the potential win falls. UK Lotto gets drawn twice weekly, and by using online lottery betting sites, you can play in many forms. At WinLottoJackpots, we’ll show you where to find the best UK Lotto syndicates and which sites offer special offers on this jackpot.

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Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto game draws in many players who bet on lottery games and that’s because of the unmatched winning odds. The Irish Lottery is the best value for money jackpot game in the world; you can play from just £2 with two more chances to win for 50p. With odds of 1 in 29 of winning a prize and a minimum jackpot of £1.4 million, the luck of the Irish is welcome.

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The Godfather of lotto games is the SuperEnaLotto, Italy’s national lottery and much-loved jackpot. The main attraction here is three weekly draws, the fastest growing prize pool in Europe and a jolly number bonus ball. You can bet on the SuperEnaLotto online and play the top Italy Lotto in more ways than one. The Italians love lotto; we can too!

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