Cash for Life Lottery UK

The Cash for life lottery offers two of the world’s most sort after prizes – £1,000 a day for life and £1,000 a week for life. But what if you want to play in the UK? In 2020, many online lottery sites now come with Cash4life, like Cash4life betting or buying Cash for life UK tickets. This means you can bet on or play in the New York Cash for Life Lottery from the comfort of your own home.

Site rankings and cash for life lottery offers updated October 2020

Best Cash for Life Lottery Offers

  • 1Go Lotter

    Go Lotter
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    You can play the Cash 4 Life UK at
    Best Subscription
    Place bets on cash for life lottery in a few easy steps
    Quick picks available
    Safe service
    UK licensed
    Multi-draw discounts

    Never Miss a Draw!
    £2.70 per line monthly subscription
  • 3Giant Lottos

    Play 1000 a day lottery at Giant Lottos
    Best Welcome Bonus
    Buy official tickets for £1000 a day lottery
    SUPA-QP™ – number selection technology
    Lotto bundles
    Lotto experts on demand

    Welcome Bonus
    53% off the ULTIMATE Lottery Bundle

  • 4Lotto Go

    Best Price
    Play cash for life UK bets from £2.50
    Quick pick software
    Bet on the biggest jackpots in the world
    Online casino, games and live dealer rooms
    Regulated by the UK Gambling Commission

    Cheapest Cash for Life Bets
    £2.50 per line
  • Cash4Life Stats

    • Lottery Launched: 2014
    • Country: USA, New York
    • Draws: Daily at 2am UK time
    • Numbers: Choose 5 numbers from a pool of 1-60 and a ‘Cash Ball’ from a pool of 1-4
    • Jackpot: £1,000 per Day for Life
    • Second Prize: £1,000 per Week for Life
    • Prize Tiers: 9
    • Overall Odds: 1 in 21 Million (Jackpot)
    • UK Ticket Prices: £4.05 – £4.99
    • Betting Prices: £2.50 – £3.00 per line
    • Lucky Dips: Yes
  • Lottery Scores

    Top Prize
    Draw Frequency
    Prize Tiers
    Whether it’s £1,000 a day for life or £1,000 a week for life, Cash4Life is a considerable lottery worth trying to win!James - WinLottoJackpots

How to play Cash4life from the UK

Just like playing US Powerball from the UK, you can also play Cash for Life by betting on official draws or buying Cash4life UK tickets.

If you choose to bet, it’s best to use somewhere like UK that’s licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. If on the other hand you want to buy official lottery tickets – you can use lotto sites like Giant Lottos and The Lotter.

Note: it costs more to buy Cash4life lottery tickets online than it does to bet on lines, that’s because lotto agents who purchase your tickets need to take their fee.

Whichever way you decide, they’re both similar. If you’re betting on the Cash for Life, you’re betting on the outcome of the draw. As in you place bets on the numbers. Buying tickets is different. This involves lottery agents going out to purchase official Cash4life draw entries, so you enter the draw.

Buy a ticket and win, you’ll receive your money from the official lottery body. Bet on a draw, and you’re winnings are paid by the online lotto betting company.

Cash4life Wiki – Step-by-Step Guide to playing online

  1. Decide whether you want to purchase tickets or bet on the Cash4Life lottery
  2. Choose your lotto betting site or online lottery agent (there’s some good websites on this page)
  3. Sign up Free at your selected site and take note of any Cash4Life offers or discounts
  4. Select Cash4Life Play Now, Bet Cash4Life or Buy Cash4Life from your main user dashboard
  5. Use the Cash4Life online ticket display to select single or multiple draws – lookout for worthwhile discounts
  6. Manually input 5 numbers from the main pool of 1–60 and a further ‘Cash Ball’ from a side pool of 1–4.
  7. Alternatively, you can use the lottery sites software to choose your numbers for you. It might be something like Lucky Dip, Quick Pick or Giant Lotto’s SUPA-QP random number selection system
  8. Look out for the option of x2 Cash4life Doubler – this will double your non-top-tier prizes for a small premium if used
  9. Proceed to the checkout to purchase Cash for Life lottery tickets or betting lines
  10. Wait for confirmation that you’ve entered a Cash4Life draw or for which draw your bets are valid on
  11. Check the Cash4Life results shortly after draw time (Cash4life live drawing takes place 2am UK time)
  12. Hope that you’ll win £1,000 a day for life or £1,000 a week for life – the two main reasons why we want to play Cash4life from the UK

  • Betting on Cash4Life Screenshot

    Cash4life lotto bet screenshot at Lotto Go
  • Buying Cash4Life UK Tickets Screenshot

    How to play Cash for Life in the UK at Giantlottos

Promotional Cash4Life Video – Youtube

Our Verdict

Would you take £7 million or £1K a day for life, it’s one of those questions we’d love to answer – and the only one you can answer by playing Cash4life, which you now can from the UK. There’s a lot to like about the Cash for Life Lottery, the two top-tier prizes, better odds than most world lotteries and a reasonable price if your betting. You’ll pay more for tickets, but it’s worth the leg work of any lottery agent and their small fee.

The best win for life lottery in the world, New York’s Cash4life brings a new level of lotto. Good odds, fair betting prices and regular draws make two of the world’s top prizes more game than any other draw. You don’t need a Cash4life Wiki to know how exciting this draw gets – and that’s every single day.

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