Daily Millions Irish Lottery

If you’re in the UK and seeking the Irish Lotto experience, the Daily Millions stands out as one of the most affordable lottery games. With odds of 1 in 28 for winning any prize and daily prizes available, it offers constant excitement and opportunities for players.

Welcome to the exciting world of the Irish Daily Million, a captivating lottery game gaining popularity among UK players. As a seasoned lottery review specialist, WinLottoJackpots is here to guide you through the unique aspects of the Daily Millions. This lottery stands out with its frequent draws, offering daily opportunities to win. Unlike many lotteries that only draw weekly, the Daily Millions offers players regular opportunities to chase their fortune with more frequent draws.

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€1 Million

Irish Lotto Daily Millions
Draws Twice Daily 2:00pm and 9:00pm
Play from the UK
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    • Popular Irish Lotto Game
    • Draws Twice Daily
    • Fixed Jackpot
    • Good Winning Odds
    • 7 Prize Tiers
    • Affordable Tickets
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    “Playing Daily Millions offers an enticing combination of frequent draws, achievable jackpots, and straightforward gameplay, making it an ideal choice for lottery enthusiasts seeking regular chances to win with minimal complexity.”

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With its straightforward gameplay, The Daily Million appeals to both seasoned lottery enthusiasts and newcomers. Its appeal crosses the Irish Sea, attracting a growing number of UK players keen to try their luck. The game’s structure is simple yet engaging, providing a clear path to potentially life-changing prizes.

Stay tuned as we explore the mechanics of the Daily Millions in detail, revealing your odds and chances of winning. We’ll guide you through the simple steps of playing – selecting numbers and purchasing tickets. Whether you’re interested in betting on the outcome or buying tickets directly, we’ll direct you to the best platforms and offers available if you’re in the UK. Join us to discover why the Daily Millions captivates players with its blend of accessibility and thrilling potential for big wins.


The Daily Million Irish Lotto Game is an exhilarating lottery offering a chance to win up to €1 million. Held twice a day at 2pm and 9pm, it allows players to select six numbers from a set of 39. The game heightens the excitement with a Bonus Ball drawn from the remaining 33 numbers, creating additional winning opportunities. With seven distinct prize tiers, including the grand jackpot for matching all six main numbers, the Daily Million is a simple yet thrilling option for lottery enthusiasts. This frequent draw schedule and straightforward gameplay make it popular among players seeking regular opportunities for big wins.

Can You Play Irish Daily Millions from the UK?

Yes, you can participate in the Irish Daily Millions from the UK. For those in the UK looking to join the daily jackpot excitement, various options are readily available. Lottery betting sites like Betfred Lotto provide a seamless avenue for UK players to get involved. These platforms allow you to bet on the outcomes of the draws, mirroring the thrill of the actual lottery.

In addition to betting sites, lottery ticket-purchasing websites like Giant Lottos offer another pathway. These sites enable UK players to buy actual lottery tickets, ensuring direct and authentic participation in the Daily Millions. Both options extend the chance to partake in this daily jackpot extravaganza, bringing the Irish lottery experience to your doorstep in the UK.

With these convenient online platforms, engaging UK residents in the Daily Millions becomes a simple and exciting process. Whether you prefer betting on draw results or purchasing tickets, these services bridge the geographical gap, making the Daily Millions accessible and enjoyable.

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How to Play the Daily Millions Lottery

Embark on your journey to potentially win the €1 million jackpot with the Daily Millions Lottery. This straightforward guide, tailored for in-store and online players, will walk you through the simple steps to participate in this exciting lottery.

1. Selecting your numbers
  • Begin by choosing six numbers between 1 and 39. Alternatively, opt for a Quick Pick for a randomly generated set of numbers.
2. Opting for Daily Million Plus
  • You can explore the additional excitement of the Daily Million Plus, which is available for an extra cost. This add-on increases your odds, offering a chance to win an additional €500,000. When you opt for this feature, look for the ‘PLUS – YES’ indicator on your ticket to confirm your participation in this supplementary game. It’s important to note that the availability and cost of the Daily Million Plus option may vary depending on the lottery ticket or betting site you choose.
3. Choosing your draw
  • Daily Million, including the Plus option, conducts draws twice daily at 2:00pm and 9:00pm, available seven days a week.
  • When buying your ticket or lottery bet, decide whether to enter the next or both daily draws.
4. Deciding on the number of draws
  • You can enter a single draw or multiple ones. Daily Million’s Advance Play option allows you to participate in up to the next seven draws simultaneously. Your ticket will detail the number of draws you’ve entered and the dates for each.
5. Purchasing your tickets or lottery bets
  • Use the “Checkout Now” option to purchase your tickets on the lottery ticket website.
  • Select “Place Bet” on lotto betting sites to finalise your wager.
6. Checking your results
  • After each draw, visit the Results page to see the winning numbers.
  • Use the Checker tool to determine if your numbers have won any recent prizes. It shows how many numbers you’ve matched and any prizes won.

Remember, the Daily Millions Lottery offers a thrilling way to chase a life-changing jackpot. Whether you play in-store or online, these steps ensure a seamless and exciting lottery experience.

What time does the Daily Millions Irish Lotto draw take place?

The Daily Million lottery conducts its draws twice daily at 2:00pm and 9:00pm. Following these, the Daily Million Plus draws occur promptly. Shortly after these draws, you can find the winning numbers published on the Results page, keeping players promptly updated with the latest outcomes.

Odds and Chances of Winning in the Daily Millions Lottery

When exploring the winning potential of the Daily Millions Lottery, it’s crucial to understand the odds. Both the Daily Million and its counterpart, the Daily Million Plus, offer enticing opportunities, but with varying probabilities of success.

Breaking Down the Odds

  • Top Prize Odds: For the ultimate prize of matching all 6 numbers without the bonus number, your odds stand at 1 in 3,262,623. It’s a challenging but achievable target for the luckiest players.
  • Significant Wins: Matching 5 numbers with the bonus number increases your chances, offering odds of 1 in 543,771. Without the bonus number, this probability improves further to 1 in 16,993.
  • More Common Wins: The odds become more favorable as the required matched numbers decrease. If you match 4 numbers with the bonus, your odds are 1 in 6,797; without the bonus, it’s an encouraging 1 in 439. For 3 matched numbers, the odds with and without the bonus number are 1 in 329 and 1 in 33, respectively.
  • Overall Chances: The general odds of winning any prize in the Daily Million alone are 1 in 28. When you include both Daily Million and Daily Million Plus, these odds become even more attractive at 1 in 14.

Daily Millions Odds of Winning Conclusion The Daily Million Irish Lotto, both in its standard and Plus formats, offers a spectrum of winning chances. From the elusive jackpot to more frequently attainable prizes, the odds vary, providing players with a range of opportunities. With a 1 in 14 chance of winning any prize when participating in both games, the Daily Millions positions itself as an engaging lottery with compelling odds for players. Whether aiming for the top prize or smaller wins, these odds reflect a balance of challenge and possibility, making the Daily Millions an exciting choice for lottery enthusiasts.

How much can you win in the Daily Million Irish Lotto?

The Daily Millions Lottery allows players to win impressive prizes across various categories. This guide highlights the rewarding opportunities and the straightforward structure of the game’s payouts.

Prize Breakdown

  • Jackpot Prize: Matching all 6 numbers secures or shares the €1 million jackpot.
  • Significant Prizes: A 5-number match plus the bonus earns you €10,000, while matching 5 numbers without the bonus brings a reward of €500.
  • Moderate Rewards: You win €100 for matching 4 numbers plus the bonus and €25 for 4 numbers without it.
  • Smaller Prizes: Matching 3 numbers plus the bonus yields €10, and getting 3 numbers nets you €3.

No Rollover Policy

It’s crucial to note that the top prize of €1 million does not carry over to the next draw if it remains unclaimed. This rule applies to all prize tiers in the Daily Million game, ensuring each draw offers fresh winning opportunities.

Prize Payouts

The typical prize payout for each Daily Million draw is 54.23% of that draw’s Gross Revenue. Be aware that this percentage can fluctuate based on the actual prize payout of specific draws.

In summary, the Daily Millions Lottery promises substantial winnings and maintains a transparent and player-friendly approach to its prize structure. Its clear categories and no rollover policy keep excitement high in every draw, with guaranteed daily wins for lucky players.

Understanding Daily Millions Prize Categories
  • Match 6 Category: Match all 6 winning numbers to claim the top prize of €1,000,000. If no one wins, the prize doesn’t roll over to the next game.
  • Match 5 + Bonus Category: Correctly match 5 winning numbers plus the bonus number for a prize of €10,000. This prize also doesn’t roll over if unclaimed.
  • Match 5 Category: Match 5 out of 6 winning numbers to win €500. Like other categories, this prize doesn’t roll over.
  • Match 4 + Bonus Category: A match of 4 winning numbers plus the bonus number wins €100, with no rollover.
  • Match 4 Category: Successfully match 4 winning numbers for a €25 reward, without rollover.

More Winning Chances

  • Match 3 + Bonus Category: Match 3 winning numbers plus the bonus for a €10 prize. No rollover applies here either.
  • Match 3 Category: Match 3 winning numbers to win €3, with no rollover to the next game.

Prize Pool Sharing

  • In the Match 6 category, if there’s more than one winner, the €1 million prize pool is equally shared. Each winner’s share is rounded to the nearest euro.

This guide simplifies your understanding of the prize categories in Daily Millions. Each category offers a clear prize with no rollovers, ensuring a fresh opportunity in every game. Remember, these winnings can be a life-changing opportunity, so choose your numbers wisely and enjoy the game!

Popular Numbers in the Daily Millions Draw

Discover the hot and cold numbers in Daily Millions, providing insights for those looking to choose their lucky digits. This guide outlines the most frequently drawn numbers and those overdue for an appearance based on the latest statistics up to December 2023.

Hot Numbers (Most Frequently Drawn)

  • Ball 17: Drawn 1130 times, last seen 3 days ago (Fri 1st Dec 2023).
  • Ball 22: Drawn 1123 times, last seen 9 days ago (Sat 25th Nov 2023).
  • Ball 11: Drawn 1097 times, last seen 1 day ago (Sun 3rd Dec 2023).
  • Ball 26: Drawn 1092 times, last seen 1 day ago (Mon 4th Dec 2023).
  • Ball 9: Drawn 1091 times, last seen 1 day ago (Mon 4th Dec 2023).

Cold Numbers (Most Overdue)

  • Ball 18: Last drawn 13 days ago (Tue 21st Nov 2023).
  • Ball 2: Last drawn 11 days ago (Thu 23rd Nov 2023).
  • Ball 13: Last drawn 8 days ago (Sun 26th Nov 2023).
  • Ball 30: Last drawn 6 days ago (Tue 28th Nov 2023).

Least Often Picked Numbers

  • Ball 14: Drawn 1002 times, last seen 2 days ago (Sat 2nd Dec 2023).
  • Ball 24: Drawn 1006 times, last seen 2 days ago (Sat 2nd Dec 2023).
  • Ball 21: Drawn 1009 times, last seen 1 day ago (Mon 4th Dec 2023).

Most Common Pairs and Triplets

  • Frequent Pairs: 26 & 28 (180 times), 8 & 22 (176 times).
  • Frequent Consecutive Pairs: 10 & 11 (167 times), 31 & 32 (156 times).
  • Frequent Triplets: 19, 22, 29 (33 times), 26, 27, 28 (30 times).
  • Frequent Consecutive Triplets: 26, 27, 28 (30 times), 4, 5, 6 (22 times).

This data provides a statistical foundation for those selecting numbers, offering insights into which numbers are trending and which are due for a comeback in the Daily Millions draws.

How much does it cost to play the Daily Million online?

You can play the Daily Million at Giant Lottos for £2.50 a line or bet on the outcome of the draw for as little as £0.50 at Betfred Lotto.

Choosing Your Daily Million Numbers: Top Strategies

Selecting numbers for the Daily Million lottery can be a fun and strategic process. Here are eight diverse methods and tips to help guide your choice:

  1. Study Statistics:
  • Analyse previous draw results.
  • Note the frequency of each number’s appearance. We’ve pointed out some hot and cold numbers above. 
  1. Embrace Numerology:
  • Incorporate personal numerology beliefs.
  • Choose numbers based on life paths or other significant numerological aspects.
  1. Select Lucky Numbers:
  • Use numbers that hold personal significance.
  • Consider dates of important life events.
  1. Opt for Randomness:
  • Embrace unpredictability.
  • Choose numbers without any specific pattern or reason.
  1. Focus on Numbers Over 31:
  • Pick numbers above 31 to avoid common choices like dates.
  • Potentially share prizes with fewer winners.
  1. Create a Pattern:
  • Use a visual pattern on the play slip.
  • Form shapes or lines with your number selections.
  1. Implement a System:
  • Follow a systematic approach, like wheeling or pooling.
  • Increases coverage of numbers and enhances winning chances.
  1. Trust the Machine:
  • Use the Quick Pick option. As an example, Giant Lottos offers SUPA-QP™; the beauty of SUPA-QP™ lies in its ability to bring advanced statistical play to your fingertips without any complexity. Players can use this feature to enhance their chances in the Daily Millions, relying on the technology to do the heavy lifting. It’s one of our favourite lucky dip systems. 
  • Let the lottery system randomly select your numbers.

Remember, each strategy offers a unique way to participate in the Daily Million. Whether you believe in the power of statistics, the magic of luck, or the simplicity of randomness, there’s a method that suits your style. Happy number picking!

Daily Millions Irish Lotto Summary

Daily Millions offers an attractive blend of regular draws, better odds, and simplicity, making it a strong contender in the international lottery scene. While it doesn’t boast the enormous jackpots of Powerball or the festive charm of Spanish Christmas Lottery El Gordo, its accessibility, daily wins and player-friendly approach make it a top choice for UK lottery enthusiasts looking for an Irish Lotto ticket.

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