UK lotto site bonuses and lottery promotions for betting and buying tickets

Lotto bonuses, offers and promotions

From lottery betting to buying real tickets, it’s essential to know you’re getting the best lotto bonuses currently available. Below you’ll find 6 of the best offers if you’re betting on lotto or buying lottery tickets. We’ve included scratch card discounts too! Bonus list updated October 2019.

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    UK UK site bonuses and offers
    18+ | Bet Responsibly | BeGambleAware | T&Cs apply
    You bet on lotteries here

    Multi-draw discount on world lotteries + 30% off scratch card of the week!

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    Giant Lottos

    Giant Lottos lottery ticket discounts and offers
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    You buy lottery tickets here

    Play all draw bonanza online with a 20% discount at Giant Lottos.

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    The Lotter

    See the best bonuses for world lotteries at
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    You buy lottery tickets here

    Between 15% and 25% discount on multi-draws, subscribe and get every 7th ticket free.

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    Lottoland UK lottery betting offers and bonuses
    18+ | Bet Responsibly | BeGambleAware | T&Cs apply
    You bet on lotteries here

    Deposit £10 and get an extra £10
    in free bets on all lotteries.

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    Offers at LottoGo include a discount on scratch card games
    18+ | Bet Responsibly | BeGambleAware | T&Cs apply
    You bet on lotteries here

    Save up to 10% on scratch cards when you buy multiple games.

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    WinTrillions UK site offers and lottery syndicate promotions
    18+ | Bet Responsibly | BeGambleAware | T&Cs apply
    You buy lottery tickets here

    Play for free; you can’t lose – 100 % refund of your first purchase.

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Types of lottery bonuses and offers

Online lottery sites come in all shapes and sizes. There are those with casinos and lotto betting; others that let you buy real tickets. Whether you’re betting on the outcome of world lottery draws or entering using an official ticket purchasing service, there’s a bonus available for you. It’s just finding them that’s the tricky part. Or not!

Below we’ve listed the best types of online lottery bonuses that you’re likely to find.

Scratch card bonuses

Scratch cards are one of the fastest ways to win online. So it’s no surprise that some world lottery betting sites tie them to bonuses. Generally, in the form of a discount, you can save when you buy a certain number of scratch cards. It’s always worth looking for new scratch card games too, as these can sometimes have promotional offers with up to 30% off.

With high win rates and some of the best odds in any online game, scratch cards remain popular. But that doesn’t always mean the best offers. If lottery sites know which scratch cards are popular, chances are you won’t find the bonuses or discounts. A good tip is looking for the scratch card games that are not so popular, and have smaller prizes. These tend to have more offers.

Lottery betting deposit bonuses

When it comes to betting on the outcome of world lottery draws and not buying tickets, these sites tend to be more like casinos. The deposit bonus itself is a match bonus – usually to 100% of your deposit. You deposit £10 you get £10 in bonus money. Other deposit bonuses might be – deposit £10 and get an extra £10 in free bets on all lotteries.

Free lottery bets and free line bets

If you’re looking for free lottery bets, this is something normally reserved for new players. As a popular sign-up bonus, free bets on lottery draws introduce newbies to the game of lotto betting. But don’t lose sleep over missing out, free bets are often limited just one free line bet. Other offers like this might include three lottery bets for the price of one.

You might find that the free bet is for one type of lottery only, and can’t be used on other world lottery draws. Always look at the T&Cs. But this is our least favourite lottery bonus.

Lottery ticket bundles and discount prices

Now, while you can bet on lottery draws at some sites, others let you buy real tickets. TheLotter and Giant Lottos are two of the leading websites that buy world lottery tickets on your behalf. There are fees, but you can take advantage of ticket bundles and discount prices too.

A bundle is a mix of personal entry lines and syndicate ticket lines. By combining individual entries with group entries, players can enjoy a better price with the best odds. In lottery terms, the only real downside with a syndicate is sharing the prize at reduced shares. However, lotto bundles are a great way to get the best of both worlds, and save some money in the process!

After looking around at some of the most popular lottery bundles, you can save on discounts between 4% and 20%. That’s not a bad saving on tickets. Just double-check the bundle tickets you’re buying, and for which world lotteries and syndicates you’re playing or joining.

Lotto multi-draw discounts and subscriptions

If there’s one thing that makes buying world lottery tickets worthwhile, it’s a multi-draw discount. It’s the best way to save money if you’re playing lotto games online. Signing up for multiple draws could save you between 15% and 25%. The higher-end would probably mean committing yourself to a year’s worth of lottery draws. Multi-draw discounts can be worthwhile, but make sure you’re signing up to your preferred world lottery game.

Subscription is another type of online lottery bonus. Subscribing is making your lotto long term. Choosing this way to play can mean free tickets, the more purchases, the more freebies.