Wintrillions Review

Online lottery syndicate service Wintrillions offers players more chances to win through buying shares on the world’s biggest lotteries. Wintrillions UK is the site dedicated to UK players. In this review, we’ll look at the lottery syndicates, prices and jackpots available – while testing the interface and browsing the terms and conditions. More lotteries, more chances, more fun? Let’s see, shall we?

Wintrillions Review

£155 Million and Counting

Play the Power Combo Syndicate with 110 Chances to Win



What we like

  • Best Powerball syndicate (Combo)
  • Membership benefits
  • World’s richest jackpots
  • Official international lottery service
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Regulated and licensed games

What we don’t like

  • Small selection of lotto draws

Review Scores

Syndicate Software
World Lottery Syndicate Selection
Support and banking
Share Prices and Participations

2020 Wintrillions Review by WinLottoJackpots
Home of the Power Combo, Wintrillions offers the mother of all Powerball lottery syndicates – one that combines three of the world’s biggest lotteries in a single game.

Wintrillions Online Lottery Syndicate Introduction

If you’re looking for the best online lotto syndicate, it’s likely to be at Established in 2005, Wintrillions is the Number 1 rated site to play international lottery syndicates. It has a very specific selection of draws: SuperEnaLotto, US Powerball, US Mega Millions, Florida Lotto and Australia’s Oz Lotto. Essentially, if Wintrillions thinks it’s worth playing, you can play it here.

Unlike online lottery betting or buying tickets, Wintrillions avoids single play and instead opts for shares. The idea, like any syndicate, is to lower the prize but increase the chance of winning. At the time of this review, you can play in 6 world lottery syndicates including Australia Lotto, US Powerball and Florida Lotto.

  • You can play US Powerball lottery syndicates at
  • Oz Lotto syndicate subscription form

The site is easy to use, with lotto syndicate software, lottery selection and share prices readily available. You can play from £5 for 1 share (Oz Lotto Australia Syndicate) and select up to 3 months of draws – meaning you’ll never miss a draw. And remember, the more draws you enter, the more chances of winning.

Ask someone what they thinks is the biggest lottery in the world, and they’ll probably say its the US Powerball. They’re not wrong, but the Wintrillions syndicate option is bigger? How? By adding it to the SuperEnaLotto and US Mega Millions, and calling it the Combo. If you want the best US Powerball syndicate – it’s the Combo at Wintrillions.

Owned and operated by Legacy Eight Curaçao NV, Wintrillions UK prides itself on providing exceptional service. With 15 years of experience as a lottery messenger agent, few websites carry the authority of this one. Whether it’s buying individual tickets or syndicate shares, you’re getting a legitimate company to buy you official tickets. Supporting charities is another commitment of, using a portion of their revenue to support developing communities.

Lotto Syndicate Software

Wintrillions UK is arguably the best world lottery syndicate website for ease of use. It features a simple, snappy design that shows you the current jackpots for some of the world’s biggest lotteries. You can view the time left before each draw, organise by jackpot and rapidly select the game you wish to join. By choosing “Play Now” options, players can see the price of syndicate shares, buy shares and subscribe for up to 3 months.

Wintrillions uses lotto syndicate software that’s incredibly easy to use. This website is one of the fastest and safest ways to purchase the world’s best lottery syndicate shares.James | WinLottoJackpots

Perhaps its best feature is explaining exactly how to play each game. Whether it’s the Australian Lotto or the US Powerball syndicate, each page offers help, FAQs and a great explanation. If you’ve ever wondered how lottery syndicates online work – Wintrillions has the answers.

On the main menu, the simple trend continues. Wintrillions includes results, today’s best lottery syndicate and promotions – in promotions; you’ll find the sites VIP loyalty program and membership incentives. Towards the upper right-hand side of the website, you’ll find 24/7 live chat, email support and telephone details. In summary, It’s easy to use and helpful if you need help. How to Play

It’s easier than you think to join an online lottery syndicate using Wintrillions. We’ve already talked about using the website, but what about the process. Again Wintrillions keeps it simple with three steps – you choose a lottery syndicate online, local agents buy your tickets, and if you win you’ll be told.

  1. Sign up for your Wintrillions account
  2. Confirm you email and create a secure password
  3. Select the option to receive exclusive benefits and deals from
  4. Choose your world lottery or Powerball syndicate
  5. Pick the number of syndicate shares you would like to own
  6. Choose between 1 month, 3 months and 6 months of draws
  7. Add to cart and purchase your shares

Watch the video below to see how Wintrillions works.

Lotto Syndicates, Odds, Shares and Prices

Depending on which syndicate shares you purchase, the number of shares and prices per share changes. Wintrillions currently offers several syndicates including the world’s best lotto syndicate – the Power Combo.

Syndicate information and prices accurate as of April 2020.

  • US Powerball

    £23 Million

    • Lotteries: USA Powerball
    • Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
    • Shares Available: 1 – 10 (per sale)
    • Share Price: £27.00 (8 draws)
    • Subscription: 8 and 24 draws
    • Chances to win: 70 per week
  • Power Combo


    • Lotteries: USA Mega Millions, USA Powerball, SuperEnaLotto
    • Draw Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    • Shares Available: 1 – 10 (per sale)
    • Share Price: £20 (1 month)
    • Subscription:1, 3 and 6 months
    • Chances to win: 110 per week
  • US Mega Millions

    £131 Million

    • Lotteries: US Mega Millions
    • Draw Days: Tuesday, Friday
    • Shares Available: 1 – 10 (per sale)
    • Share Price: £24 (8 draws)
    • Subscription: 8 and 24 draws
    • Chances to win: 60 per week
  • Australia Lotto

    £1 Million

    • Lotteries: Oz Lotto
    • Draw Days: Tuesday
    • Shares Available: 1 – 10 (per sale)
    • Share Price: £5 (1 week)
    • Subscription: 1, 4 and 12 draws
    • Chances to win: 36 per week
  • Florida Lotto

    £2.4 Million

    • Lotteries: Florida Lottery
    • Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
    • Shares Available: 1 – 10 (per sale)
    • Share Price: £25 (8 draws)
    • Subscription: 8, 26 and 52 draws
    • Chances to win: 100 per week

Useful Information

  • All subscription requests must be placed at least 24 hours before the first draw you want to play. For syndicates, the same rule applies, but you need to sign up 24 hours before the first draw of the week in your chosen lottery syndicate.
  • Lottery draw or syndicate. You will be notified via email when your subscription is active.
  • Wintrillions buy tickets on behalf of your syndicate from a government-licensed lottery retail location and hold them on your behalf.
  • They don’t charge any commission on your winnings. You’re only charged for the cost of providing the messenger service to purchase the ticket on your behalf.
  • You will always receive an email when you win.
  • For prizes over £500 a member of the Wintrillions Support Team will call you personally.
  • For syndicates, the prize money will be divided equally according to the number of shares in your chosen lotto syndicate, with no deductions or additional fees of any kind.
  • You’ll receive confirmation when your Millionaire Raffle tickets or syndicate membership have been purchased.
  • Once your order has been placed, you will receive immediate electronic confirmation on the website and via email.


If you want an all-in-one UK lottery syndicate site that caters for the world’s richest jackpots, is a good choice, not least because of the Power Combo. For players who want an alternative to the National Lottery or Post Code Lottery, Wintrillions is the best lottery syndicate site if you want subscription-based lotto, more chances of winning and access to the US Powerball and US Mega Millions draws.

It has all the features you’d want from an online lotto syndicate, reasonable prices on shares and excellent customer support. For UK players playing US lotteries, this is an official, and probably the best place to do it.


£155 Million and Counting

Play the Power Combo Syndicate with 110 Chances to Win



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