Bet on the EuroMillions at the best lotto sites

The EuroMillions Lottery has run since 2004 and should not be overlooked when it comes to lotto betting and purchasing tickets online. The EuroMillions Jackpot is the largest draw in Europe; top payouts have scaled £130 Million, and there are millionaire makers and mega weeks also adding power to this incredible lottery.

  • Draw Days


    GMTTuesday / Friday


    1 - 50

    Pick 5 NumbersPlus 2 x Lucky Stars 1 – 12

  • The average EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot is above £26 Million!
    Jackpot Rating
    Prize Breakdown Rating
    • Only £2.00 per Line
    • Just 50p extra for millionaire maker!
    • Mega Weeks
    • Match 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars for Jackpot
  • EuroMillions Offer

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How to Play the EuroMillions Lottery

If you’re going after one of the biggest lottery jackpots on earth, you’ll need to know how to play. Fortunately, like all lotto betting, its simple and made even easier when playing online.

1. Select five numbers from 1 – 50 and two lucky star numbers from 1 – 12 or select lucky dip for random numbers, this is one line of play.

2. You can then repeat the process and play multiple lines.

3. Depending on where you are betting on the EuroMillions, there could be an option to include the millionaire maker raffle. Selecting this option will give you an additional chance to win £1,000,000, you could even win the million alongside the EuroMillions Jackpot, now that’s just greedy!

4. Remember to select the draw day you wish to play.

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How much does it cost to play Euromillions

It costs approximately £2.50 for EuroMillions ticket which is £2.00 for the line and £0.50 for the Millionaire Maker Raffle. You’ll find that the price of your EuroMillions ticket/tickets changes depending on which online lottery site you play with, the amount of tickets you purchase, the number of shares in your syndicate and the number of draws you wish to play and bet.

Different ways to bet on the EuroMillions

Every online lotto site can be different in their functionality and the lottery betting services they provide, but the common types of EuroMillions betting methods you might come across are as follows. Standard ticket purchase including “Quick Pick” option if selecting random numbers, buying shares in EuroMillions Lotto Betting Syndicates, betting on pre-paid EuroMillions Lottery tickets or buying bundles or “picks” of tickets and saving money with mass discount.

When to play

The Euromillions draw takes place on Wednesday and Friday at 20:00 GMT with a draw closing time of 19:30 GMT. Looking at this window, if you’re planning to bet on the EuroMillions online, buy syndicate shares or find deals on lottery ticket bundles, just allow yourself enough time.

Where to play EuroMillions

At WinLottoJackpots, we’re conscious of the different types of lottery betting, ticket purchasing, syndicate play and bundle discounts that players are looking for, so we aim to help. That’s why we’re pointing you to the following best lotto sites to bet on the EuroMillions; we’ll also briefly mention the types of lottery betting available, and any bonuses if available.