BOTB UK Review

BOTB is the ultimate spot the ball competition in which you can win your dream car. With £30 million of cars won since 1999, is the online portal for weekly dream car and weekly lifestyle competitions. In this review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about BOTB. Review updated October 19

Not everyone wants to play the lottery, spin casino games or bet on sports. Some people just want to play spot the ball. But this isn’t the game you remember from your childhood (the pools man), times have moved on. You’re now playing online, choosing tickets and selecting where you think the missing ball is. Get it right, and you’ll win your dream car.

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BOTB Introduction

BOTB means Best of the Best Plc; it was founded in 1999 by William Hindmarch. Initially running ‘win a car competitions’ in airports and shopping centres, it is now a core online business where members buy tickets and play spot the ball with the chance of winning luxury cars and prizes.

As the most popular win a car competition, is a website that offers a weekly spot the ball picture quiz. It works by selling tickets for different prizes, everything from dream cars to Rolex watches. The site allows members to enter two weekly competitions, dream car and dream lifestyle. What attracts UK players is the choice of 180 cars or 200 lifestyle prizes – including cash, holidays and expensive tech.

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The more tickets you buy, the better your BOTB odds and the chances of winning. Why? Because each ticket is another go in your selected spot the ball game. Better get those eyes tested!

Using the website

BOTB has upped its game for the website’s dream car ticket interface. Using the panel is easy. By just hovering your cursor over any of the cars, players can quickly view vehicle pics, specs and cash alternative prizes. Buying tickets is another simple process. You can see how much each dream car ticket costs, block buy tickets and see associated discounts.

Other useful features include a dream car giveaway countdown and prize finder search box. By being able to sort cars by make and style, you can sort prizes that best suit your needs. Particularly useful if you’re playing to win luxury watches, holiday packages and cash.


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Everything you need to know about BOTB competitions

  1. Best of the Best Plc is a Company incorporated and registered in the United Kingdom under the Companies Act 1985 with registered number 3755182 and VAT registration number 756233526.
  2. BOTB has paid out £30 million in dream cars since 1999.
  3. It is the most popular online spot the ball game in the UK.
  4. The competition began in airports and shopping centres before moving online as
  5. Tickets start from £0.85 in the weekly dream car giveaway and £0.15 in the lifestyle competition.
  6. A panel of professional sporting experts judges the spot the ball picture quiz. The winner is simply the person who is closest to the decided position. There can only be one winner.
  7. There is a limit of 150 tickets per customer, per competition for both the Dream Car and Lifestyle Competitions.
  8. Players can win dream car credit if they come close to winning. 20 runners up will receive £200 dream car credit – that’s the 20 closest players to the winning coordinates.
  9. BOTB isn’t a lottery or raffle; it’s a game of skill. Players must use their skill and judgement when they play BOTB spot the ball competitions.
  10. Judging for both competitions take place on Monday morning with competitions running from midnight till midnight, Monday to Sunday, 52 weeks a year. BOTB winners usually find out on Tuesday.
  11. The spot the ball process is fair, transparent, audited and honest. In the presence of an independent lawyer; judges mark where they think, in their professional opinion, the centre of the ball should be.
  12. A spot the ball picture quiz is the skill of the entrant versus the skill of professionals.
  13. Where available – most dream cars can be provided in left-hand drive for UK players. All vehicles come with UK VAT paid.
  14. Depending on the value of the dream car – pay up to £1,500 towards insurance and £400 for servicing.
  15. About 80% of BOTB winners are from the UK.
  16. You can choose a cash alternative for your dream car, typically 80% of the UK RRP of the prize.
  17. BOTB has donated more than £140,000 to good causes.

How to play BOTB spot the ball and dream car giveaway

During our review, we were impressed by the simplicity of using the BOTB website. But how easy is it to play? You’ll be pleased to know it’s very easy. Not only are there step-by-step instructions, but the BOTB how to play video is one of the best tutorials in just 1 minute 41 seconds.

You can enter the weekly dream car giveaway and lifestyle competitions by doing the following.

  • Sign up for free at BOTB UK.
  • Select weekly dream car or weekly dream lifestyle from the menu.
  • Purchase tickets for your chosen prize – 10+ will get you BOTB discount.
  • Purchase tickets for your chosen prize – 5+ and 10+ ticket deals come with a discount.
  • Play the spot the ball picture quiz that determines the winner of all BOTB competitions.
  • You will play spot the ball for every single ticket purchased – use the line drawing tool to help you make selections.
  • Wait for the results!
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  • Odds and chances of winning BOTB spot the ball game
  • Players use a tool to select X and Y positions in BOTB spot the ball

A spot the ball competition isn’t a lottery, it’s a game. Trying to understand the odds of winning a car at BOTB is like a golf ball hitting you on the head, it makes your head hurt. If you were playing online lottery, they know all the number combinations, how many tickets sold and what’s on the prize table. BOTB odds is more about judgement, skill and probably some strategy too.

Your chances of winning rely on a number of things:

  • Number of tickets purchased – discount available on 5+ and 10+ bundles
  • Position of the X axis selected
  • Position of the Y axis selected
  • Personal judgement of spot the ball picture
  • Judges judgement of spot the ball picture
  • Total number of players with best accurate assessment

Bonuses, rewards and ticket discount

BOTB has included its own rewards system on ticket purchases. It’s simple, buy more, and you’ll get a discount. Effectively boosting your odds and lowering the cost of your tickets. Suitably named 5+ and 10+ dream car pricing, buying bundles of more than 5 and 10 tickets lowers your price at the checkout.

As spot the ball games are a game of skill, the odds of winning is impossible to calculate. How good is your eye on the day, who’s your judge, are they any good. Strategy and precision guestimation is everything, and winning your dream car won’t be easy. But being good at spot the ball has it’s own rewards at BOTB. Dream Car Credit!

Is BOTB a scam?

No, BOTB is a legitimate AIM traded UK registered company. As part of our review, we looked at BOTB’s reputation and trust feasibility. Nowadays you could spend all day on the internet navigating competition scams, but this is a million miles away. On Trust Pilot alone, over 3,000 BOTB reviews rate the site as excellent while has over 10,000 reviews from around the world with an average score of 4.5/5.

BOTB’s previous winner’s pages and Twitter account is more evidence of a legitimate operation. As for their social media presence, is active and fully engaged. On Twitter, they have more than 17K followers, tweet regularly with competition updates and reply to players as part of their social work ethic.

If you’re still unsure about a possible BOTB scam, you can find their head office address at the website. Email and a legitimate phone number can also be used to contact the company. No scam would ever include such information. Plus if you’re interested, you can view all of their financial trading data within the investor’s tab of BOTB.

Review summary

You’d expect a win a car competition site like to deliver – and it does. Easy to use, fun to play and with lots of options. As the safest and most legitimate way to play spot the ball online, BOTB is the real deal. Where else can you choose from 180 supercars and 200 luxury prizes on such a cool web platform? We’ll tell you, nowhere. Add in the discount on tickets, and it becomes a formidable spot the ball competition brand.

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