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If you’re looking for big lottery jackpots, then arguably the biggest in the world are found in the US, but what’s the biggest jackpot out of those? Well, that question is easy, it’s the US PowerBall Lottery. Before lotto betting websites made it possible, this jackpot was out of reach! Now you can wager on the biggest lottery game out there!

  • Draw Days


    GMTThursday / Sunday


    1 - 69

    Pick 5 NumbersPlus 1 x Powerball 1 – 26

  • The US Powerball Lottery holds the world record for highest jackpot payout at £1 Billion!
    Jackpot Rating
    Prize Breakdown Rating
    • Play from just £1.00
    • Odds of Winning a Prize 1 – 24.87
    • $40 Million Minimum Jackpot
    • Match 5 main numbers plus Powerball to win Jackpot
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How to Play US Powerball

The US Powerball Lotto is responsible for paying out the biggest jackpot of all time at £1 billion in January 2016, but how do you go after one of the largest jackpots in the US while betting from the say, the UK? The answer is by using an online lottery betting website, choosing single line play or joining a US Powerball Syndicate and simply going for glory.

1. Select five main numbers from 1 – 69 or play a quick pick or lucky dip option. Next, choose a Powerball number from 1 – 26.

2. Select the duration of US Powerball Lotteries you wish your bet to cover; this can range from single draw entries to pre-purchased lotto betting of up to 52 weeks.

3. If playing as part of a Syndicate, choose the amount of shares you wish to buy. The more shares you buy, then the more lottery ticket lines you stake, and the greater your chances of winning become.

Playing the US Powerball Lottery at

How much to bet?

Shopping around for low-cost lottery bets is important, so much that we do that for you. At WinLottoJackpots, we’re looking for lottery betting sites with the best value, syndicate deals and multiple-draw discounts on bulk tickets. Depending on where and how you play the US Powerball, tickets can cost from £1.00 for a single bet at, £21 if playing six quick picks at Lottoland with added PowerPlay or £35.00 to play a Syndicate with ten shares at World Lottery Club.

Betting on the US Powerball with a chance of winning the biggest jackpot in the world can be cheap, from just £250, however with many millions in a huge pot, US Powerball Syndicate Betting is possibly your best bet, although this will cost more.

US Powerball lottery betting methods

Like other big jackpot lotteries, online lotto betting offers various methods in which players can go for gold. The two main methods of playing the US Powerball are standard play and syndicate play. The standard method involves choosing your own numbers, buying your own tickets and betting to win money for yourself. The syndicate play is when you bet on pre-purchased tickets, buying shares (lines) in the game and sharing the prize money with other syndicate members.

When do US Powerball draws take place?

The world’s biggest lottery game runs twice weekly and is possibly the highest wealth machine regarding its generation of millionaires from playing lotto. Draws for the US Powerball take place on Thursday and Sunday at 4 AM GMT, so you’ll be waking up to some incredible news if it’s you. Most if not all lottery betting websites and lottery ticket purchasing companies will let you know of these winnings automatically in your account.

Where to bet on US Powerball

We’ve selected the best lottery betting sites to play the US Powerball based on popularity, ticket deals where applicable and syndicate share prices. What you must remember is that you are betting on the outcome of the US Powerball using various mediums to do it, i:e websites giving you the opportunity to reach a vast and far afield mega jackpot worth many millions of dollars. For best ticket prices see the brands below.