What is Lotto Betting

The world of lottery betting is hugely popular and a growing area in the betting field. Whether you’re new to the concept of betting on a lottery, or want to find out more about lotto betting, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover the essential guide to lottery betting.

So what is lottery betting? The answers in the name – it’s the act of betting on the outcome of a lottery.

Lottery betting example on the US MegaMillions JackpotInstead of the standard practice of buying a lottery ticket from a lotto operator, with lottery betting you use a specialist third party company and place a bet on the outcome of the lottery.

You can pick your lucky numbers as usual and you pay the same amount as your ticket would have cost to buy elsewhere. Plus, importantly, you win the same amount if you predict the correct numbers, it’s just paid from the company you use, rather than direct from the ticket operator.

What Are the Benefits of Online Lotto Betting?

So why bet on a lottery rather than buying a ticket the conventional way? Well, there are several key benefits.

For a start, you can bet on a selection of different lotteries and aren’t confined purely to sticking with one lotto, or with lottos in your own country. Many of the companies that offer lotto betting offer the opportunity to bet on numerous lotteries in the UK, Europe and worldwide. This includes some of the world’s biggest and best lottos with huge jackpots. If you want the chance to win big, then betting on world lotteries offers up some amazing choices.

Winner from betting on the lottery at LottoLandThe model that lotto betting online companies use means that you’re not restricted to simply making single line bets – you can often do combinations too. And the companies sometimes offer their own special free bets, or unique features that you wouldn’t ever get with a conventional lottery ticket.

The process of betting on a lottery outcome is easy and straightforward too. Everything can be done via one company – no having to go anywhere special to buy each ticket. Plus, you can do it online, or often on your mobile or tablet via an app, at any time that’s convenient to you. Bets can be placed as one offs, or as regular recurring bets and you don’t need to worry about checking the numbers or outcomes, as the company will do it for you and let you know if you’ve won.

If you were to purchase paper tickets from a lottery operator, you’d have to claim your prize. But with lottery betting online, they’ll know you’ve won and the money should appear in your account quickly, without the hassle of having to claim your prize.

How to Get Started With Lotto Betting

Getting started with lotto betting is easy. Find a lotto betting company that resonates with you (check out our guides to some of the best companies available), sign up, deposit funds and start placing your bets.

A lot of companies offer special offers and welcome bonuses as an incentive to get you to sign up. These are well worth looking out for, as they can be a great introduction to lottery betting. The offers available vary, but you’ll typically find discounts on first bets, buy-one-get-one-free offers or even the chance to have a deposit-free first go. Once you’re signed up, you’ll get access to special discounts too, which makes playing even more rewarding.

Types of Lotto Betting

When it comes to the types of lotto betting that you can do, there are plenty of options. The classic choice is to simply pick your favourite numbers and hope they come up, just as you would if you bought a ticket the conventional way. The number of numbers you can pick depends on the lotto in question – it can vary from five numbers upwards.

To make things more interesting and varied, many lotto companies offer other types of lotto betting too. With a straight bet, you pick one set of numbers that you think will come up in a certain order. A bet placed on one number is called a single bet, whilst two numbers is a double bet.

Combination bets involve picking a set of numbers and betting on how many you think will be drawn. For example, it could be that you think three out of your seven numbers will come up. If they do, you win.

Other options including betting on the highest or lowest balls that come up in a lotto draw or betting on what the bonus ball will be.

Syndicate Lotto Betting

Several of the key player in the lotto betting world also offer the opportunity for you to get involved in syndicate lotto betting too, plus there are companies that specialise in just this area. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a lottery syndicate – and, after all, who doesn’t want the increased chance to win more and win bigger bounties? – but don’t know enough people to join you, a lottery betting syndicate is the answer. Likewise, if you can’t stand the hassle and administrative nightmare of organising a lotto syndicate on your own, getting involved in syndicate lotto betting takes all the hassle out of the process.

With syndicate lotto betting you choose the lottery or lotteries that you’d like to bet on and the company handles everything involved in the syndicate process. The way companies work can vary slightly, but in most cases each syndicate has a set number of spaces and you know in advance how many people a win needs to be shared with. So, for example, you’ll know if a syndicate has 125 ticket opportunities that your share needs to be divided with this many people.

The whole process is as simple as standard lottery betting and you can place your bets in advance, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to buy a ticket. Best of all, a lot of the syndicates work on the European and worldwide lotteries too, so you can get the chance to win a big share of the huge jackpots.


If you love a flutter and enjoy chancing your luck, then online lotto betting has definitely got your name on it. With so many lotteries out there, and huge prizes to boot, having a go at betting on lotteries really does open up a world of winning opportunities.