UK Lotto

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The UK Lotto is one of seven games that operate under the National Lottery brand and has been making millionaires in the UK since 1994. Betting on the UK Lotto is popular for its widespread prize breakdown, twice weekly jackpots, low cost per play that includes the millionaire raffle and its vast contribution to good causes.

  • Draw Days


    GMTWednesday / Saturday


    1 - 59

    Pick 6 NumbersIncludes Millionaire Raffle

  • The UK Lotto is over 20 years old and now includes a Millionaire Maker and 20 x £20,000 prizes!
    Jackpot Rating
    Prize Breakdown Rating
    • Includes 20 times £20,000 prizes
    • Includes Millionaire Raffle
    • Match 2 numbers to win Free Lucky Dip
    • Match 6 main numbers to win Jackpot
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How to Play UK Lotto

Betting on lotteries online is straightforward, and the UK Lotto is a well run out process for many, but depending on where you play, will depend on how you play. You could bet UK Lotto as part of a syndicate, play multiple lines, opt for the lucky dip and even play for many weeks in advance. So how do you play the UK Lotto?

1. Select six numbers from 1 – 59 or select lucky dip for random number allocation, this is one betting line on the lottery.

2. You can repeat the process if you wish and play multiple lines on the UK Lotto.

3. Select the draws (Wednesday, Saturday, Both) you wish to play and the number of weeks/months to bet on those lottery draws.

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How much does it cost to play UK Lotto

A UK Lotto ticket would cost you £2.00 per line in the shop, and this includes an automatic code for your millionaire raffle. Online it’s a bit different and depends on how you wish to play, who you play with and any handling fee the online lottery purchasing service may charge. For example, you may want to bet on the UK Lotto as part of a syndicate, buy shares of a syndicate or even lottery ticket bundles.

Yes, there’s a fee when you’re playing the UK Lotto online with a lottery betting website, but the management of your tickets, automatic payment of winnings into your account and discounts on multiple buys helps to explain those fees.

Betting on the UK Lotto is like betting on anything else, how you choose to bet will often govern the cost, and improving your chances with bundles, syndicates or larger lottery shares, will also increase the cost of your UK Lotto game.

Different ways to bet on the UK Lotto

We all know about buying one ticket and hoping for the best, but lotto betting online takes it that one step further, and this also depends on the lottery purchasing service or lottery betting website that you are using.

The two main types of UK Lotto betting are standard and syndicate. In the standard form, you’re a one player party with options to buy multiple lines, obtain multi-draw discounts on mass ticket purchases and hit that quick pick lucky dip option if you’re not feeling those lucky numbers. That’s standard UK Lotto play; it’s playing on your own.

The other type of lottery betting and one that has gotten more popular online is syndicate UK lotto betting; this is also a big function of the lottery purchasing service or ticket website. If you’re playing as part of a Syndicate, you can buy shares online of randomly selected numbers on pre-paid ticket purchases. For example, you may wish to play as part of a 50 line UK Lotto Syndicate that is offering 71 shares; you could then buy say 12 of those shares, increasing your chances of winning dramatically in the process. But there’s a drawback; you have to share!

When to play UK Lotto

The UK Lotto draw takes place on a Wednesday and Saturday with ticket sales ceasing at 1930 GMT; Numbers will be drawn not long after this time. The good thing about most online lottery betting websites is the software that tracks the jackpot while at the same time counts down towards the draw itself, allowing you more than enough time to play your lucky numbers, buy syndicate shares and register tickets.

Where to play UK Lotto

We mentioned earlier about the different ways you can bet on the UK Lotto draw, but what about where to bet and which lottery sites hold the best syndicate options, multi-buy ticket discounts or ticket prices? Below you’ll find the most popular lotto betting sites to play UK Lotto, chosen for their ticket deals and price; these are the top lottery ticket purchasing services of their kind.