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The SuperEnaLotto is the godfather of lotto draws and is Italy’s most popular lottery pulling in players three times a week and creating jackpots that often eclipse the EuroMillions. It’s big; it’s drawn regular, and there’s no denying the payout power of this Italy Lotto that has in the past paid out a whopping £125 million in 2010. SuperEnaLotto is a great bet for any online lottery player with some fantastic prize odds.

  • Draw Days


    GMTTues / Thurs / Sat


    1 - 90

    Pick 6 Numbersor play quick picks

  • With three weekly draws, no cap on jackpots and 6 prize divisions, we love this Italian lotto!
    Jackpot Rating
    Prize Breakdown Rating
    • Bet from £2 per line
    • Standard and Syndicate Bets
    • SuperEnaLotto Jackpot grows 50% more
    • Match 6 main numbers for Jackpot
  • SuperEnaLotto Offer

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How to play SuperEnaLotto

If you bet on world lotteries, then you’ll know about the different ways you can play, it’s the same when playing Italy SuperEnaLotto. Some lottery websites offer standard, system or syndicate games, while others may offer all three. That’s the betting methods, but how many numbers can you pick to play Italy Lotto, and how often?

1. To place a bet on the SuperEnaLotto, choose a line of six numbers between 1 and 90. You can select your lucky numbers or go for lucky dips or quick picks (online lotto site software that will choose random numbers for you).

2. Select the days you wish to play Italy SuperEnaLotto, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Any day or any combination of days including all days is possible.

3. How long do you want your ticket numbers to be active, with online lottery sites, players can enter many draws in advance, meaning you’ll never forget to be in with a chance of winning. On some world lotto betting websites, you can play for up to 52 weeks in advance.

4. Are you playing standard lines, betting in a Superenalotto syndicate or buying multiple draw entries in a bundle? You’ll find out more about this later; there’re lots of different ways to bet on the Italy Lotto.

SuperEnaLotto Betting Slip Screenshot at The Lotter

How much to play Italy Lotto

Betting on world lotteries such as the SuperEnaLotto or Italy Lotto as its also known doesn’t have to cost the earth, but how much you spend to play lottery will undoubtedly affect your chances of winning.

You can play the SuperEnaLotto Lottery from just £2.00 per line at Lottoland in standard play; you can buy SuperEnaLotto ticket bundles with built-in discount at or purchase ten monthly syndicate shares for £100 at Win Trillions. It all depends on how and how much you want to bet on SuperEnaLotto.

Different ways to bet on Superenalotto

Online lottery sites offer numerous ways to play Italy Lotto and betting methods vary depending on your budget, the number of lines played or whether you are playing as part of a syndicate. The main ways to bet on Italy Lotto include standard, syndicate, system or combo.

Standard betting is where you buy SuperEnaLotto tickets online and play single or multiple lines; this is the most common method with some lotto betting websites offering multi-draw discounts. SuperEnaLotto Syndicates is another option; players buy shares of pre-purchased lottery tickets and can pay more to cover additional lines winning a greater share of the winnings.

Bundle betting is a combo, allowing lottery players to add their personal entry numbers to a syndicate group, meaning you can win millions for yourself, and millions to share with others.

When to play Italy SuperEnaLotto

The Italy SuperEnaLotto Lottery gets drawn three times a week making the game hugely popular with online lotto players. Draws take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1900 GMT and pays out across six generous prize divisions, the Superenalotto jackpot, however, can roll over and will keep rolling over, creating some phenomenal lump sums.

Best lottery sites to play Superenalotto

At one point, to play Italy lotto games, you would need to be in Rome or Venice to buy Superenalotto tickets, and be Italian. Now thanks to online lottery ticket purchasing companies and lotto betting sites, you can bet on the outcome of the SuperEnaLotto. But which are the best websites to buy standard ticket entry lines, join syndicates or buy combo shares? We recommend playing at the following brands, take a good look and good luck!