Oz Lotto

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The Oz Lotto dates back to 1994 and is Australia’s oldest nationwide lottery game making thousands of millionaires down under and becoming the countries top jackpot weekly event. Now thanks to online lottery sites, the OZ Lotto is open to players betting from outside the region with single ticket bets and syndicate groups proving popular.

  • Draw Days




    1 - 45

    Pick 7 Numbers2 Bonus balls also drawn

  • With 7 numbers drawn plus 2 bonus balls, the Oz Lotto offers a huge prize table of seven divisions!
    Jackpot Rating
    Prize Breakdown Rating
    • Minimum Jackpot of £1.1 Million
    • Play Standard, System and Syndicate
    • Includes 2 supplementary bonus balls
    • Match 7 main numbers to win Jackpot
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How to play Oz Lotto

Betting on the Oz Lotto game takes many forms, be it syndicate play or going for the hot jackpot alone, but the underlying Oz Lotto rules and how to play remain the same. Like playing other global lotteries, you must select some main numbers along with any bonus number/numbers, play multiple lines if you wish and select the duration of draws you would like to play. Online lottery sites offer different ways to bet on the Oz Lotto but here’s the basics:

1. Select seven main numbers from 1 – 45 or opt to play a lucky dip selection. The Oz Lottery also includes two bonus balls which can help players go for second tier prizes below the jackpot.

2. If playing on a lottery site that offers Oz Lotto syndicates, select the number of shares you wish to purchase. Online lottery syndicates will cover a variety of lines i:e 60 lines within that game and you can buy shares of the potential winnings.

3. Choose the duration of Australian OZ Lotto games to play; the draw takes place on Tuesdays, but lotto betting websites allow you to pre-plan and purchase for many draws in advance.

Oz Lotto Online Betting Slip Screenshot at Ozlotteries.com

How much is it to play Australia Oz Lotto?

Oz Lottery ticket costs vary depending on where and how you bet on Australia’s favourite jackpot. You can play Oz Lotto single lines from just £1.50 at LottoLand, get up to 25% multi-draw discount at thelotter.com or enter a one-month Oz Lotto syndicate with five shares for £100.00. As you can see, the cost to play is dependent on how you bet. Going for the jackpot alone with a single line will face huge odds, but playing for smaller prizes as part of a syndicate with lots of shares is more likely to pay out.

Oz Lotto Betting Styles

If you’re from the UK it’s now possible to bet on the Australia Oz Lotto via lottery betting sites, but doesn’t that just mean buying tickets? In a way it does, but you’re betting on the outcome of the draw via a third party lottery ticket purchasing company. The main styles of betting on the Oz Lottery are single line purchases or multi-line purchases, buying shares to bet on pre-paid tickets in a syndicate or playing the Oz Lotto in a combo with other world lotteries.

When to play the Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto draw takes place weekly on Tuesday at 10.40 Am GMT and is popular with UK lottery site fans for its early draw schedule in comparison to other lotteries based closer to home. To win the jackpot players will have to match all seven numbers. However, the Oz Lottery draws two additional bonus balls every week to help guarantee more payouts; these can worth many thousands of dollars.

Where to play the Oz Lottery

There are many licensed online lotto stores that help bridge UK players with some of the world’s best lotteries, but who is the best lottery site for Oz Lotto jackpot hunting. We’ve selected some of the popular lotto betting websites online with each company offering something worthwhile to play Oz Lotto. It might be low-cost tickets, big discount on multi-draw purchases or lots of syndicate shares for a good price. Please take a look, and good luck!