Irish Lotto

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The Irish Lotto is Ireland’s National Lottery and one of the most popular lotteries when it comes to online lotto betting. First established in 1988 to raise vital funds for charities and good causes, the Irish Lotto has gone from Government funded mini-lotto to a privately operated lottery with a minimum jackpot of €2 million, winning odds of 1 in 29 and two lotto plus feature games.

  • Draw Days


    GMTWednesday / Saturday


    1 - 47

    Pick 6 Numbers50p extra to enter Lotto+

  • The Irish Lotto is popular for online betting with its 1 in 29 odds of winning!
    Jackpot Rating
    Prize Breakdown Rating
    • Only £2.00 per Line
    • Just 50p extra to play for Lotto+ Jackpots!
    • Main game jackpot minimum of £1.4 Million
    • Match 6 main numbers for Jackpot
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How to play the Irish Lotto

If you’re looking for the luck of the Irish, then you are possibly more likely to find it betting on this lottery, but only because the game offers winning odds of 1 in 29, one of the best lotto odds you might come across. But how do you play the Irish Lotto?

1. Players must pick six Irish Lottery numbers between 1 and 47.

2. By opting for Lotto Plus at 50p, players can enter into two additional games, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, therefore extending their jackpot reach for other prizes worth up to £500,000.

3. Select the number of lines you wish to play.

4. Choose the draw date you are betting upon and the duration of draws you want your ticket/tickets representing.

How to play Irish Lotto Lottery at

How much does it cost to play?

Betting on the Irish Lottery will cost the standard £2.00 per ticket plus 50p if selecting Lotto Plus games, but depending on where and how you bet on the Irish Lotto will change the price you pay to play.

For instance, playing the Irish Lotto in a syndicate will cost more, but will increase your chances of winning. The lottery ticket purchasing service might offer a discount on ticket bundles; you might pay to shield your numbers, increase the number of Irish Lotto shares you own or even play as part of an ultimate lottery combo.

Online lotto betting isn’t about playing one line in one way, (Of course you can still do that), but also offers players the chance to increase their odds if they want to increase their stake. The Irish Lotto offers one of the best odds in lottery betting you can find, so no wonder it’s popular!

Different ways to bet on the Irish Lotto

The two main types of Irish Lotto betting are regular play and syndicate group play; it’s also possible at some lottery sites to play Irish Lotto as part of syndicate combo with many jackpots. Regular play means betting on lines as a single player, whereas syndicates offer pre-paid lottery ticket bundles of which you buy shares.

When to play

Irish Lotto draws take place on a Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00 GMT with a ticket purchasing cut off time of 19:45 GMT. One of the features offered by an online lottery site is that you can purchase for multiple draws and never have to worry about losing your ticket.

Where to play

If you’re going to play Irish Lotto online, bet in a syndicate or get big discounts on bundles of tickets and multi-draw purchases, then these are some of best lottery sites with Irish Lotto betting. Options to play include single line bets, lotto syndicates and multiple-draw purchases.