The Health Lottery Review lottery and games reviewThe Health Lottery is a great initiative that combines the chance to win cash prizes with the opportunity to raise money for good causes. Has it piqued your interest? Read on to discover what’s on offer and why this lottery is a healthy one to try.

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The Health Lottery Website offers a fast and secure medium for managing one of the most lucrative lotteries out there, with up to £500K offered weekly!
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The Health Lottery Introduction

The Health Lottery does as its name suggests – it’s a lottery company specialising in raising money for health causes. It’s not a national lottery as such, but it’s cleverly set up to ensure that every single part of Great Britain gets a share of the lottery pot. Clever, huh?

The Healthy Lottery consists of 51 local society lotteries, each of which represent one or more local authority areas in Great Britain. To ensure that every local society gets an appropriate share of the funds raised, each local society takes turns in participating in the draw. You can find out which society is running which draw on the main website.


  • The Health Lottery Prize Structure
  • The Health Lottery Instant Win Games

The Health Lottery costs just £1 per line, per draw to play. You can buy a ticket online via their website, or over the counter from a participating retail store. Lookout for the Health Lottery sign at shops, or use their retailer search facility. There are 32,000 shops selling tickets!

In terms of the all important winnings, prizes range from £10 up to £100,000 and you pick five numbers from one to 50. The Health Lottery ELM Limited is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission.

Welcome Bonus

For a lottery specialising in raising money for good causes, we’re impressed that they also have some very generous welcome bonus offers.

These offers change regularly, but at the time of writing, all new customers were being given a free day pass to a Bannatyne Gym – a rather fitting offer for a health-related venture!

From mid-October until the end of December 2016, all new players who make a first online deposit of £10 or more of Health Lottery tickets in one go receive a bonus equivalent to 70% of their spend, up to a maximum bonus of £15.

If you like Bingo, slot or casino games it’s worth noting that they do have a separate, but linked, Health Bingo site and that a welcome bonus is on offer here as well. There’s a link to it on the main menu bar of the Health Lottery, which makes it easy to find. At the time of this review, they’re offering a 200% deposit bonus of up to £150 for all new registrations.

As it looks like registering on the Health Lottery website gives you access to Health Bingo too, it’s probably a case of choosing which signup welcome offer is more applicable to you – you’re unlikely to be able to take advantage of both of them.

Slots & Games

Buying a lotto ticket for the Health Lottery is quick and easy. All you need to do is register on the site, deposit funds into your account, then buy your ticket. The price is still only £1 per line, making it good value for money.

The is more than just a site where you can buy lottery tickets – you can also play other games there too. Under the Games section you’ll find various Instant Win games available – all priced at £1 a go. If you’re unsure how they work, there’s the chance to check out a demo version of each of them first, before you spend your hard earned cash on health lottery online betting.

Like the main Health Lottery, playing instant win games will help raise money for worthwhile causes. In fact, they say that 20% of every Instant Win ticket causes to good causes.
In addition, if you click on the Bingo link in the main site menu you’ll be transferred to a separate Health Bingo site ( where you can indulge in a few bingo games. What’s more, this area also has a great selection of top video slots and casino games to enjoy too. There’s certainly a great variety to enjoy when you bet UK health lottery.

The Health Lottery Software

The Health Lottery website is clearly designed, with an attractive, modern look. The multicoloured rainbow style heart logo is memorable and helps ensure the lottery is easily noticed online or when advertised at retail outlets.

The software they use to run the organisation helps ensure that the ticket buying process is smooth and efficient and, online accounts are easily accessible. Whether you play online or via a store, you should be in for a good experience.

Banking and Support

It’s easy to set up an account online at and funds can be deposited and withdrawn via various means. If you run into any issues with your banking, or have any other queries about how the lottery works, help is at hand from their customer support team.

The contact details are clearly displayed via the ‘Contact’ section on the menu and you can choose to phone, email or write to them by post. It’s nice that there are clearly marked separate email accounts for queries from customers and retailers. Calls to the Health Lottery Helpline are charged at 7p per minute, plus your phone provider’s access charge.


Overall, the Health Lottery is a great concept and has a well articulated site. It’s easy and convenient to buy a ticket online or in store and, thanks to the extra additions on the site, there are plenty of tempting games to keep you coming back for more. If health is a passion of yours, then this is a lottery scheme you’ll definitely want to be a part of.

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