OZ Lotteries Review

Oz Lotteries Lottery Betting ReviewIf you live in the UK, betting on Australian lotteries may seem impossible. Not so if you look at OZ Lotteries, though. There are plenty of lottery websites around that make it possible to buy tickets for foreign lotteries, and this is one of them.

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Oz Lotteries consolidates the best Lotto games in Australia and buys Australian lottery tickets on your behalf!
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OZLotteries.com Introduction

OZ Lotteries is appropriately-named, since it allows you to buy tickets for recognised Australian lotteries each week. This means there are fewer lotteries available than you’ll find on other lottery ticket sites, but if you want to enter Aussie lotteries, this is the best place to find them all.


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The site has been well-designed and it’s easy to see which lotteries are being drawn next, and what the jackpot is going to be in each one. With clear sections for buying tickets, getting results and finding out more about the site, it’s a pleasant website to navigate. Oh, and they also provide an app for Android and another one for iOS devices, so you can get access to info that way too if it suits you better.

The website is powered by Jumbo Interactive and licensed by Australian Lotteries, so you know you are in safe hands the whole way.

Welcome Bonus

Lottery sites don’t usually offer a welcome bonus like casinos do. However, you can look through the various ticket purchase types to see which offers you the best value for money when you play.

Lotteries and Betting Methods

So, is this one of the better online lotto betting websites you could join? OZ Lotteries offers a variety of ways to buy tickets for lotteries. These can change depending on which one you look at. For example, the OZ Lotto lets you buy standard, system or syndicate tickets, whereas the Saturday Lotto offers those three plus a Super Combo option too.

Standard tickets are what you’d expect them to be – one or more standard tickets consisting of the appropriate amount of numbers. OZ Lotteries also provides syndicate entries where you buy shares in a lottery syndicate. If you win a prize, it is shared between members. It means you can play more games for less money.

A Super Combo entry means you can cover a set amount of numbers over a set number of games. For example, one entry allowed you to play 10 number combinations over 50 games. Finally, the system entry allows you to choose from several systems that each covers several numbers in all the possible combinations over a specific number of games. More information is provided on each of these on the appropriate order page for each lottery.

You also have a chance to choose your own numbers or to go for the Quick Pick option that chooses them for you. If you choose your own, you’ll be instructed to select your main numbers and any other ones that might be required, depending on the draw.

Lottery games at OZ Lotteries include Saturday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball, Act for Kids, Surf Life Saving Lotteries and the Endeavour Foundation draw. It’s good to see some draws in favour of charities, so you’ll feel like you’re doing your bit if you want your money to go to a good cause.

OZ Lotteries Software

The www.ozlotteries.com site is powered by Jumbo Interactive, and the copyright is owned by TMS Global Services Pty Limited. They have also provided apps for both Android and Apple devices, making it easier for players to buy and check tickets via their phones and tablets instead of having to go online.

Banking and Support

The website reveals you can make a deposit into your account to buy tickets with your credit card. You can also make a direct deposit if you prefer. PayPal is mentioned on the site, but this can only be used by Australians, so it’s not relevant for UK players. Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club International are fine to use, though.

There is a support section you can access near the top of any page of the site, and this provides further options once you’re in that section. For example, you can look through the FAQs provided, find out more about OZ Lotteries and click on any of the questions in the ‘what do you need help with’ section.

There’s also a chat feature at the bottom of the site that you might miss if you don’t look for it. It blends into the background a bit. It’s also easy to find the contact page, listed to the right of the FAQs (look for the Jumbo logo holding the flag. I know, it sounds odd, but you’ll see what I mean when you visit the site).

You can get in touch with them by emailing them via their online form. There is also an international phone number and fax number, not to mention a postal address. If you ring, bear in mind the time difference between their area and yours.


OZ Lotteries is a well-designed website that makes it easy to take part in Australian lotteries. There are other sites with lotteries from around the world, but this one has charity lotteries too, which makes it more appealing than some.

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