Popular Lottery Games on the Web in 2020

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Want lottery popular on the web, discounts and the best lottery sites to buy tickets or bet on draws?

From daily prizes to jackpots worth millions of pounds, there’s a lottery for everyone these days. Whether it’s in the UK, Europe or far afield around the world – you can now bet on draws or buy tickets for the most popular lottery games. Below we’ve ranked the best draws in 2020. Find out when to play, where to play, how much to play, and any offers to play.

Ranked: Our Best Lotteries and UK Offers

  • 1. Cash4Life NYC

    Jackpot.com UK lottery betting website

    When’s the draw? Everyday 2am GMT

    Prize: £1000/day for Life

    Bet from £3 a line

    Discount: Monthly subscription £2.70 per line

    Lottery Rating: 4.1/5 Stars

    Play at Jackpot.com UK

    Win £1000 day for life

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    The New York Cash4Life is a lottery popular on the web for its daily £1,000 payout. Second prize? £1,000 monthly payout. If you’re one of those people who would struggle with millions in the bank, then perhaps a drip-feed of wealth would be more up your street. But let’s face it, £1K a day pocket money has to be one of the best prizes on the planet in 2020.

  • 2. Euro Millions

    Bet on world lotto jackpots at LottoGo UK

    When’s the draw? Tuesday and Friday, 20:45 Local Time

    Prize: £34m

    Bonus: See below

    Lottery Rating: 5/5 Stars

    Play at LottoGo

    Exclusive Offer

    Euromillions Ticket + 20 Free Scratchcards + 10 Free Syndicate Lines


    With an opening jackpot of £17 million, Euro Millions is one of the UK’s most popular lottery games. As of 2020, the new rules state the jackpot can roll over to reach upwards of £200 million. The odds of winning are quite reasonable at 1 in 22 on a 13 tier prize table. If you’re going to buy one ticket to play any lottery, surely it’s one with an average jackpot of £40m. Just saying.

  • 3. US Powerball

    US Powerball lottery betting

    When’s the draw? Wednesday and Friday, 22:59 EST

    Prize: £46m

    Bet from £3.50 a line

    Discount: Monthly subscription £2.50 per line

    Lottery Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

    Subscribe at Jackpot.com

    First Month £19.99

    Don’t miss a draw! Subscribe and pay just £19.99 for 8 draws of the US Powerball. That’s a discount of £8.01.

    Get US Powerball Subscription Discount

    If you live in the UK and want to bet on the biggest lottery in the world, you want the US Powerball. Responsible for some of the largest payouts in history, The Powerball draws on Wednesday and Friday with a jackpot capable of reaching upwards of £1 billion. There’s tax to pay, and odds begin at 1 in 38 for the lowest tier win – but who said winning and living with hundreds of millions of dollars would be easy.

4. EuroJackpot


EuroJackpot is a huge lottery that has a prize pool created by 18 participating European countries. And because it’s so big – the lotto game pays out on 12 fantastic prize divisions. What makes EuroJackpot so attractive is the prize roll-down. Prize roll-down means that once the jackpot reaches 90 million euros (the cap), excessive prize money is rolled down to boost lower-tier wins for winning tickets.

When: EuroJackpot draws take place on Friday nights at 7pm GMT.

How: You select 5 numbers from a pool of 1-50 and two additional numbers from 1-10.

Where: Buy EuroJackpot tickets or syndicate shares at The Lotter

5. Mega 2020

Lottoland Mega 2020 lottery

New Year, new bank balance; how does a top prize of £100 million sound? Lottoland’s exclusive event, allowing players to bet on the Brazilian Mega Da Virada draw is unprecedented. Mega 2020 is the ultimate New Years Eve lottery set to change someone’s life and improve others considerably. It’s popular because players are buying tickets now in preparation for the lotto party of all lotto parties.

When: São Paolo Brazil on 31st December

How: Pick six numbers ranging from 1 – 60.

6. Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto

With some of the best odds of winning, the Irish Lotto is a clear favourite with online players. Twice weekly, the 47 number draw game has a minimum jackpot of £1.4 million and two smaller prizes of £900,000 and £225,000 using +1, and +2 draws. An additional bonus ball means eight tiers of prizes for lucky winners.

Because you are 4x more likely to win the Irish Lotto than you are the UK Lotto, it is one of the most popular lottery games on the web. Let’s just hope the luck of the Irish has your back.

When: The Irish Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday night at around 8pm (GMT).

How: Choose 6 numbers between 1 and 47.

7. UK Thunderball


Thunderball gives you the chance to win £500,000 with draws taking place four times a week. It’s a smaller lottery, but a fan favourite amongst UK lotto players. The game also carries fantastic odds with a 1 in 13 chance of winning. You can win from a prize table of 9 tiers including the single Thunderball while 5 main numbers pay £5,000.

We’ve added Thunderball to this list based on syndicate shares. If you’re looking to play this type of lottery, then popularity suggests a syndicate. With regular draws, smaller prizes and better odds – Thunderball online syndicates can do well with lots of shares (for such a small bet).

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

How: Buy syndicate shares – One share gives you 21 chances of winning a Thunderball prize.

Where: Join a Thunderball syndicate at Jackpot.com from £1.99 a share

8. Oz Powerball Lottery

Oz Powerball

The Oz Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in Australia. It’s also available to UK players via lottery betting sites. But why do people like this game from down under? Like all Powerball lottos, jackpots get big, really big. It’s got a minimum jackpot of AU$3 Million and a 9 tier paytable. There’s also something about Australia that makes us think about sunshine, holidays, oh and sharks! Let’s hope we can get out there.

When: The draw takes place on Thursdays in Australia at 20:30 AEST (11:30 GMT).

How: Select 7 numbers between 1-35 and 1 Powerball number between 1-20.

Where: Bet on the outcome of the Oz Powerball at Jackpot.com

9. New York Keno 24/7

New York Keno 24/7 Lottery Lottoland

We’re back in New York again and for a good reason too. If you’ve never heard of KENO 24/7 before, then you’re in for a treat! Easily one of the best lottery games on the web right now, this is one of the internets most frequent jackpots – paying up to £10 million every 4 minutes.

It’s fast, fun and frequent.

When: Every 4 minutes.

How: Select between 1 and 10 numbers for each bet. The more numbers you choose the higher your potential profit.